Harrison Martingayle

Martingayle photo
3rd Year
Louisiana State University
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Area of Interest
Constitutional law, hospitality and beverage law, entertainment law, sports law, athletic administration

Why did you choose the College of Law?
Florida State University College of Law enabled me to pursue multiple passions simultaneously. Personally, I enrolled in the joint graduate pathways program, which is allowing me to pursue my Juris Doctor and Master’s in Sport Management, and I was also able to compete on the Florida State Cross Country and Track teams during my first three years of graduate school.

What do you feel is unique about Tallahassee and/or the College of Law?
As cliché as it may sound, the people at the College of Law truly set it apart from the rest. The environment is extremely friendly and supportive, which is critical in a rigorous academic environment. Tallahassee is also a great place to study law, as it is the capital of one of the largest states in the country, and the campus is only a football's throw away from the Supreme Court of Florida. It is hard to beat the location as far as job opportunities and networking are concerned.

What has been the best experience you have had at the College of Law thus far?
While it is tough to pick a singular experience, I would have to say that my favorite memory was attending the Admitted Students Day before I even became a student. When I attended that event as a prospective student, I knew this was the place for me. I met the people who would be my roommates for the next three years as well as current students who would serve as invaluable mentors to me as I navigated the beginning of my law school life. That event set the stage for many memorable academic and social endeavors, as the fun only continued upon matriculating.

What did you do during your 1L summer?
My 1L summer occurred during the thralls of COVID. I was able to work as an athletic compliance intern with the University of Nevada, Reno and attend multiple Mountain West Conference calls related to my work. The past two summers, I have worked as a summer associate with the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association in Arlington, Virginia, studying legal policy and conducting research.