LL.M. Student Profiles

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Afnan Alghamdi


Afnan Alghamdi is from Saudi Arabia. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Law at King Abdulaziz University in 2016. After graduation, she worked at a law firm as a legal intern, and it was not long until she realized she wanted to further her education in international business law. In 2019, she enrolled in an English program at the University of South Florida to sharpen her language skills and, in 2021, she enrolled in the LL.M. in Business Law at Florida State University College of Law. 

Alghamdi is particularly interested in contracts and arbitration. Her goal is to pursue a legal career at an international arbitration institution. If you are interested in hiring Alghamdi, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Saad Mohammed Alqahtahi


Saad Mohammed Alqahtahi is from Saudi Arabia, and he earned his law degree from Shaqra University in 2018. After graduation, he worked for eight months as a law clerk, at a major full-service law firm. During his time as a law clerk, he practiced in various commercial, public, criminal, and administrative courts, giving him a strong understanding of various fields of law. Alqahtahi also has an interest in mediation. 

Alqahtahi is currently completing his LL.M. in Business Law. His goal is to become an international business lawyer in New York and contribute to the development of the field. If you are interested in hiring Alqahtahi, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Allan Charles


Allan Charles earned his J.D. from the University of Mississippi and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2016. Following law school, Charles began his legal career as a negotiator for TopBuild Corp., where he reviewed, drafted, and negotiated single service contracts, master supply agreements, national service agreements, and NDAs. In 2018, he left the private sector to accept a position with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, where he currently serves as a senior attorney with the Office of General Counsel. His clients include the Division of Food Safety, the Division of Plant Industry, and the Division of Fruit and Vegetables. Charles is also involved in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit concerning Florida Renewable Energy Technology Investment Tax Credits and the Florida Amendment 1 litigation. He participated in the 2019 Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (FEECA) goal-setting proceedings before the Florida Public Service Commission. 

Charles is pursuing an LL.M. in Environmental Law & Policy to further his goal of shaping policies that incentivize renewable energy investment and encourage people, businesses, and governments to be more environmentally conscious. If you’d like to learn more about Charles, please visit his LinkedIn profile

Miguelson Charles

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Miguelson Charles is from Haiti, where he earned his law degree from Université d’Etat d’Haiti. As one of the top ten students of his class, he was offered internships at two non-governmental organizations. After completing internships at both NGOs, Louisiana Reach Haiti and But God Ministries, both hired Charles. He was also granted a scholarship to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he earned an LL.M. degree in International Human Rights Law. He is presently the deputy director of Children of Christ Home, a non-profit organization that operates in both the U.S. and Haiti.

After completing his LL.M. in American Law at Florida State, Charles intends to practice law in the United States, before returning to Haiti, where he plans to pursue a career in politics. If you are interested in hiring Charles, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Monique Clayton

Clayton Headshot

Monique Clayton is originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica. Clayton attended one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America and the Caribbean, the University of the West Indies, where she attained a Bachelor of Laws with honors. In addition, she was placed on the honor roll for outstanding academic performance and received an award for being the top student in entertainment law. Clayton served as a research assistant at the university for approximately two years, where she performed in-depth research, data analysis, compilation, and presentation. While at Florida State, she served as a teaching assistant for the Juris Master Cybersecurity Breach Response course, helping students strengthen and develop their legal skills by providing constructive feedback on their responses and highlighting possible changes that could be made to improve their legal writing and analysis. Clayton also served as the LL.M. representative for the Black Law Students Association.

After graduating from Florida State, she intends to practice in Florida in the area of compliance and develop her skills to become an outstanding legal professional. If you are interested in hiring Clayton, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Ahthasama Alahi Nahin

Nahin Headshot

Ahthasama Alahi Nahin is originally from Bangladesh, where he earned his Bachelor of Law degree from Metropolitan University. After completing his degree, Nahin worked as an apprentice lawyer and personal assistant at Sylhet Judge Court. Nahin decided to further his education by seeking an LL.M. in American Law from Florida State.

After completing his LL.M., Nahin intends to practice immigration law in New York. If you are interested in hiring Nahin, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Carlo Prisco

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Carlo Prisco is a lawyer with a Ph.D. in philosophy of law. He is an assistant professor at the State University of Milan in philosophy of law and bioethics. Prisco has authored several articles, including The Right to Vegetarianism (Hamilton, 2016), Vegan Law (Lexington, 2021), and Eusebism – A New Moral Theory (Lexington, 2021). He has also served as the Italian translator of "Animals as Persons" by Professor Gary L. Francione. Prisco has volunteered for years in animal advocacy organizations and, as an attorney, promoted the rights of vegans.

Andreina Rodriguez Azuaj

Rodriguez Azuaj Headshot

Andreina Rodriguez Azuaj obtained her Bachelor in Law degree from The European University of Madrid. While pursuing her law degree in Spain, Rodriguez Azuaj served as the general legal intern in her university’s Judicial Clinic, where she handled a number of pro bono cases. Rodriguez Azuaj also served as a legal intern at the Ministry of Justice and Defense in Spain. Presently seeking her LL.M. degree in American Law at Florida State, Rodriguez Azuaj intends to further develop her multicultural legal knowledge and practice in the United States.

If you are interested in hiring Rodriguez Azuaj, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Shaliet Smith

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Shaliet Smith is originally from Jamaica, where she earned a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of the West Indies. She developed an interest in corporate law and personal injury from working at law firms and the financial institution Sagicor Group Jamaica, Ltd. She drafted and reviewed contracts with respect to land law, family law, and business law. Smith is currently pursuing an LL.M. in American Law. Through the LL.M. program, she developed an interest in risk management and compliance.

After graduating from the LL.M. program, Smith aspires to work as an in-house counsel. If you are interested in hiring Smith, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Benoit Vilceus

Vilceus Headshot

Benoit Vilceus is from Port au Prince, Haiti, where he graduated from University Jean Price-Mars with a Bachelor of Science in Law. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Liberal Studies and a Post Baccalaureate certificate in legal studies from Barry University in Miami, Florida. Upon his return to Haiti, Benoit co-founded and managed Kajou Creations Expo, a construction company specializing in light construction, commercial interior design, and remodeling. In 2016, he received the Digicel Regional Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Digicel Foundation. Benoit recently moved to the United States where he is currently pursuing an LL.M. Degree in American Law at Florida State. Vilceus’s interest in immigration and asylum law led him to enroll in the Farmworker and Immigration Rights Clinic. Benoit is a member of the Journal of Transnational Law and Policy, and a student member of the International Law Section of The Florida Bar.

After graduating in the spring of 2022, Benoit plans to practice immigration law in New York.

Juan Yang

Juan Yang obtained his bachelor’s degree in law while living in China. Yang then worked as a litigation attorney in a Chinese law firm before seeking his first LL.M. degree. While completing his first LL.M., Yang became interested in business law, leading him to pursue another LL.M. degree from Florida State. After completing his second LL.M. degree, Yang intends explore additional opportunities for legal education in the United States.