Professor Krieger Celebrates 30 Years with FSU

Press Date
May 14, 2021
Professor Krieger Outdoor Headshot

Since 1991, Professor Larry Krieger has served as a clinical professor at FSU Law. Teaching for 30 years is a remarkable accomplishment that translates into Krieger having taught hundreds of College of Law alumni. As co-director of externship programs, Krieger has supervised all criminal justice externships and has helped even more students attain valuable trial practice skills and experience that they have carried with them into their legal careers. In addition to preparing students for the courtroom, Krieger has been instrumental in promoting wellness at FSU Law. He is internationally recognized for his research on the well-being, satisfaction, values and motivations of law students and lawyers, which has been extremely beneficial for FSU Law students. Krieger often presents to the student body on mental health and wellness topics, hosts weekly meditation sessions for students during the academic year, and makes himself available to students who may be looking for advice, inspiration or encouragement. He also serves as a mentor to many students and alumni. In April, a very small group met for lunch to celebrate Krieger’s 30 years with FSU Law. In addition, many students, colleagues and friends contributed to a digital Kudoboard to provide messages of gratitude and congratulations to Krieger on his 30-year milestone.

Published on May 14, 2021