Upcoming Second Annual Amelia Rea McGuire Business Law Lecture

Press Date
January 22, 2021

(Clockwise) Amelia Rea Maguire Business Law Lecture moderator Carla
Harris and panelists Tiffani G. Lee, Jenea M. Reed and Natalia Marulanda

On Thursday, February 11, from 5-6:30 p.m., we will host our second annual Amelia Rea Maguire Business Law Lecture: A Panel on the Economics of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Zoom event will feature experts who will provide multiple perspectives on the work being done to address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (D, E and I) in law firms. Attendees will hear about the Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule as a framework for tackling D, E and I and how law firms of different sizes are addressing these issues. Panelists will include: Tiffani G. Lee, a partner at Holland & Knight; Natalia Marulanda, a Mansfield Rule and knowledge sharing specialist with the Diversity Lab; and Jenea M. Reed, a shareholder at Stearns Weaver Miller. Event sponsor Amelia Rea Maguire ('87) will provide opening remarks and our moderator will be Carla Harris, CEO and managing director of The People Institute. You can visit our website to learn more about the event and to register. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a timely, thought-provoking discussion.

Published on January 22, 2021