Degree Requirements

Students who enroll in the LL.M. in Environmental Law and Policy program must attend a non-credit LL.M. orientation and a general law school orientation prior to the beginning of the fall semester and then successfully complete 24 credit hours and finish the program with a GPA of at least 2.0. Full-time students should complete these hours in one year, contingent on sequence and frequency of courses in the student’s curriculum plan. Part-time students may take up to three years to complete coursework.

In the course of their LL.M. studies, if not completed as part of their J.D. program within seven years prior to matriculation at Florida State Law, students must complete the Environmental Law and Administrative Law courses. Students are strongly encouraged to take Land Use Regulation and Natural Resources Law if they have not previously taken those courses within the last seven years. Students who received their first degree in law outside the U.S. must complete Introduction to American Law and Legal Writing.

Students may select their remaining courses from a wide variety of existing courses in environmental, natural resources, energy and land use law. Up to six hours of related courses may be taken at other Florida State departments, upon approval.