Combatting Insurance Fraud: Public and Private Sector Fraud-Fighting Weapons

Receive insight into the scope of insurance fraud, its impact on society, who commits insurance fraud, and why Florida is considered the insurance fraud capital of the United States.

This course is a must for business owners, employees, executives, fraud investigators, financial agents, and claims adjusters to protect themselves and their businesses.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of insurance fraud—the crime that affects us all. Explore the definition and various types of insurance fraud, along with its global implications. Delve into ethical strategies to combat this issue, and discover how information sharing plays a crucial role in fighting criminal insurance fraud.


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Matthew J. Smith

Executive Director
The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Learn more about Matthew J. Smith

Ann Rozycki-Fierro

Chief Legal Counsel
Florida Department of Financial Services

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  • Module 1: Who Commits Insurance Fraud and Why?
  • Module 2: National and Global Implications of Insurance Fraud and Why Florida is an Insurance Fraud Epicenter
  • Module 3: Ethical Ways to Combat Insurance Fraud
  • Module 4: Criminal Insurance Fraud Basics
  • Module 5: Enforcement of Criminal Statutes
  • Module 6: Private to Public Sector Information Sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this information for legal advice?
This course is not meant to be construed as legal advice. The information learned may serve as a basis to guide you in the correct direction. However, Stoops Center cannot be responsible for counsel within the context of this course. 

What is my projected weekly time commitment?
You can expect to spend 6-10 hours per week reviewing course content, engaging in interactive videos, and discussion board conversations. 

Are there any textbooks or required course materials?
No, there is not! Downloadable forms, transcripts, and other useful resources will be made available to all learners. 

How will this course be graded?
This is a pass/fail course. You must score 75% to complete the course.

In this completely virtual course, how will I interact with others?
This innovative learning format allows hardworking professionals to conveniently meet, collaborate, and network with other business professionals. Discussion boards allow for engaging conversations as well as check-ins with the instructor. 

Which certification does this course fall under?
This course is not a part of a certification.

Disclaimer: Please note that participation in the course (a) will not result in a degree from, alumni status with, or earned credit at Florida State University or FSU College of Law (or, to FSU's knowledge, any other institution), (b) will not be recorded on a Florida State University or FSU College of Law transcript, and (c) does not guarantee or suggest that a participant will be admitted to Florida State University, FSU College of Law, or to any other university or institution.

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