About Jeff and Aggie Stoops

Jeff and Aggie Stoops at a gala

A 2021 contribution from the Stoops Family Foundation established the Stoops Center for Law and Business at Florida State University College of Law. This generous gift made possible by FSU alumni Jeff and Aggie Stoops will enable the College of Law to become a nexus of thought leadership and training in business law and compliance for academics, students, lawyers, and business professionals.

Mr. and Mrs. Stoops expressed when speaking on their optimism for the Center and its future within both the university and business community: “We want to be a trusted and respected partner in the business community. The Stoops Center for Law and Business will provide faculty with the administrative support and resources to allow thorough development of ideas and research. It will also facilitate such activities as establishing certification programs, commercializing executive education and creating more experiences for students interested in business law by establishing relationships within the private sector.”

Jeff Stoops, CEO of SBA Communications Corporation, graduated from Florida State University in 1981 and received his J.D. from FSU College of Law in 1984. Aggie Stoops, who serves on the FSU Foundation Board of Trustees, graduated from Florida State University in 1982 and received her Master's of Social Work from FSU in 1983. Together, Mr. and Mrs. Stoops have built a philanthropic legacy at Florida State University that will impact students for many years to come.

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If you have questions and would like to speak with a member of the Stoops Center team, please contact us at stoopscenter@fsu.edu or 850.645.0071.