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Based on your specific career needs and goals, you may pursue a certification or take individual courses. Courses for each certification are listed on the certification pages.

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Courses and Certifications

Certification in Employment and Human Resources Law

Do human resources issues keep you up at night? Upon completion of this certification, you will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of employment and human resources law through the thorough review of statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions. After exploring constitutional concepts and legislation governing workplace privacy, learners will understand the processes and goals of workplace investigations. You will study the foundations and evolution of the statutes which prohibit workplace discrimination and their impact on the current workplace environment.

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Florida State University College of Law is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities. Fundamentals of Employment & Human Resources Law, Workplace Investigations, and Employment Discrimination are SHRM approved at this time.


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Certification in Health Care Law

The Certification in Health Care Law is for professionals and business owners who need to learn topics such as: the statutes, regulations, and certifications needed to work in the health care industry. You will learn from practicing lawyers so that you will have real, practical knowledge that will help you and your organization.

Those who complete this certification will understand the statutes, regulations, and recent rulings on the ACA and other legal aspects of modern health care reform. They will also explore the process of licensing and regulating health care organizations using Florida as an example. In addition, they will analyze the privacy and data protection laws to best protect their organizations and their clients’ personal information, including HIPAA. Also, learners will get real-world, practical insight into how compliance professionals can navigate the complex landscape of privacy requirements to best protect their organizations.

After completing the certification, you will have the skills necessary to advance your career in the health care regulation industry. You will be familiar with the business and legal aspects of the industry and be able to succeed in the health care regulation market.

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Certification in Privacy Law and Policy

Do you have a full understanding of U.S. data privacy laws? The courses in this certification will provide you with a strong understanding of U.S. privacy laws, focusing on specific industries, including medical, financial, education, and telecommunications. You will learn how to formulate your organization’s privacy policies and how privacy affects the work environment. FSU Law is an Official Training Partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and this certification will prepare you to pass the CIPP exam and become a Certified Information Privacy Professional.

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Certification in Sports & Entertainment Law

The Certification in Sports & Entertainment Law is for professionals and business owners who need to learn about topics such as:

  • The rules, regulations, and governing bodies of sports agents in different sports
  • The business and legal issues relating to sports organizations
  • Types of lotteries and gambling permitted in Florida
  • The concepts of intellectual property, contracts, and merchandising, and how they intersect in the entertainment space

You will learn from elite lawyers, thereby gaining real, practical knowledge that will help you and your organization.

A monumental shift occurred in the collegiate sports landscape in 2021 when student-athletes became able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness. These new changes make it crucial to know and understand employment laws, intellectual property laws, contract laws, and antitrust laws when representing athletes or regarding sport organizations. With the expansion of the gambling market in Florida, it is crucial to understand the legalities of conducting gambling activities and lotteries in Florida.

After completing the certification, you will have the skills necessary to advance your career in the sports and entertainment industries. You will be familiar with the business and legal aspects of the industry and have the tools to succeed in the highly competitive sports and entertainment market.

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Delivering Private Investments

This course equips executives and lawyers of private investment funds to address an emerging $10 trillion market, with a focus on the real-world interplay of business strategies, legal structures, and strategic partnering opportunities.

The class covers all the basics necessary to develop a manager-specific strategy for attracting AUM from the HNW, mass affluent, and retail markets. It details the dynamics of the major individual distribution channels to these groups; explains how different product types fit those channels as well as the manager's goals; shows how federal and state securities laws impact marketing and distribution; and highlights outsourcing and partnership opportunities that make the various approaches practical.

Professionals who would benefit from this course include institutional and retail investment management executives and lawyers, including:

  • Private equity, credit, and real asset managers’ executives and counsel 
  • Traditional public market product manufacturers and distributors
  • Intermediary, RIA, and gatekeeper origination, compliance & diligence teams 
  • Law firm fund formation attorneys 

Course partners and sponsors include iCapital, Nasdaq, and Major, Lindsey & Africa. Visit the special course page to learn more about the course modules, industry expert and course instructor Bob Rice, and why executives and lawyers should enroll today.

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Small Business Tactics to Deal with Administrative and Criminal Regulation

Gain insight on how to protect your business from potential problematic situations as a small business owner. Learn the steps to take to deal with these problematic situations and how to avoid them. This course is a must for small business owners and managers to protect themselves and their business.

Instruction includes an overview of what you need to know as a business owner to protect your business from regulatory issues and how to prepare for them. You will learn what entities regulate business operations and how that is enforced, how to identify problem areas in your business, and how to respond to regulatory inquiries and investigations.

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Combatting Insurance Fraud: Public and Private Sector Fraud-Fighting Weapons

Receive insight into the scope of insurance fraud, its impact on society, who commits insurance fraud, and why Florida is considered the insurance fraud capital of the United States.

This course is a must for business owners, employees, executives, fraud investigators, financial agents, and claims adjusters to protect themselves and their businesses.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of insurance fraud—the crime that affects us all. Explore the definition and various types of insurance fraud, along with its global implications. Delve into ethical strategies to combat this issue, and discover how information sharing plays a crucial role in fighting criminal insurance fraud.

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