Alternative Spring Break

Each year, a group of students from FSU College of Law is selected to travel to a farmworker community in Apopka, Florida. The students work alongside the Farmworkers Association of Florida and have the opportunity to learn about the environmental, legal, and cultural issues that migrant workers face. Students receive education on the U.S. immigration system and policies that are currently in place, such as the legal requirements for obtaining a work visa. In addition to learning about these issues through the Farmworkers Association of Florida, students work directly with migrant workers in order to gain a better understanding of the issues they face. Students have the opportunity to learn about labor trafficking from area experts and survivors. Jeannie Economos with the Farmworker Association of Florida serves as the “tour guide” for the trip—she is a leading expert and advocate on farmworker rights. Her energy is infectious, and she provides the students with a top-notch, hands-on learning experience that always serves as one of the highlights of their law school career. 

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