Health Care Regulation

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The Juris Master in Health Care Regulation is an online, 30-credit-hour master’s in law that can be completed on a part-time basis. The program enables working professionals to acquire legal skills to advance their careers in today's dynamic health care industry.

You will gain a strong foundation in regulatory compliance and health care risk management. You will also acquire essential legal skills, such as: how to read and interpret statutes, regulations and case law, how to identify and address legal risks, and how to design and implement compliance programs. You will learn how to conduct legal research and how to communicate your findings to others within your organization.

The curriculum has been designed for hospital administrators, compliance officers and risk managers, as well as for other health professionals. Students begin their studies by taking foundational courses in Contracts, Torts, Legislation and Regulation, Legal Studies and Research, and Regulatory Compliance. These are all core legal areas that students are likely to encounter while working at a hospital, clinic or other health care organization. Students will then proceed to study more advanced topics in courses such as: Health Care Fraud and Abuse; Medical Malpractice and Liability Insurance; Patient Records, Privacy and Cybersecurity; Risk Management and Patient Safety; and Disability Rights and Workers' Compensation.

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Program Highlights

 Online with Asynchronous Courses – Learn whenever, wherever; there is no on-campus requirement. Courses include pre-recorded lectures and interaction with peers and professors through discussion boards and constructive feedback on assignments.

 Innovative and Relevant Curriculum – Benefit from a curriculum developed with the advice of industry professionals and prominent in-house and outside counsel to combine academic knowledge and practice-based learning. The program offers numerous and varied courses that target real-world compliance issues faced by many industries.

National Recognition – Earn a degree from a top 50 law school and top 20 Public University (U.S. News & World Report, 2021).

► Affordable Tuition Rates – Obtain a competitively priced degree at $683 per credit for in-state students and slightly higher, after scholarships, for out-of-state students. Find more information on our Juris Master Online Tuition page.

 Flexible and Customizable – Take the number of courses that makes sense for your schedule. Students have the flexibility to take the number of courses that works best for them each semester. Additionally, students can select courses from other concentrations, tailoring their curriculum to meet their own professional and personal goals. 

 Outstanding Faculty Engage in courses taught by the same world-class professors who teach on campus, coupled with prominent industry experts.

 Professional Networking  Interact with alumni, potential employers, faculty members and fellow students in virtual engagement and professional development opportunities.

 Academic Resources – Access online research databases and other resources available to on-campus students. 

 Career Services – Launch or advance a career with support from a full-service career center.


If you have questions and would like to speak with a member of the Juris Master Program team, please contact us at or 850.644.7591. 

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